Red Leg Action Sports Facility Rules

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in your removal from the facility, without a refund!

  1. RED LEG ACTION SPORTS IS A "FIELD PAINTBALL ONLY" FACILITY.  All paintballs must be provided by Red Leg Action Sports.
  2. Referees have the final word in all calls.  The referees are there for your safety.
  3. Eye protection must be worn by all players and non-players when on the playing fields, or at the chronograph area.
  4. Barrel sleeves are mandatory for every paintball marker.  All other devices are unacceptable.
  5. Barrel sleeves must be installed correctly on the marker when player is not on a field, or when any player has a mask off on a playing field.
  6. Your paintball marker must be set at less than 285 feet-per-second.
  7. No cheating.  Cheating takes the fun and sport out of playing paintball.
  8. All paintball markers will be set in semi-automatic modes only.  All electronic markers will be capped at 10.5 balls per second.
  9. Metal cleats are prohibited.
  10. You may only play on the fields if a Red Leg Action Sports referee is present.
  11. Alcohol, drugs, and other illegal substances are prohibited on Red Leg Action Sports property.
  12. Profanity and inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.  Red Leg Action Sports is a public recreational facility with a family-oriented environment!

13. Most importantly HAVE FUN! These rules are here to keep you safe while having adrenaline fueled fun at Red Leg and we want to keep it that way.