Our mission here at Red Leg is for everyone to have a fun, safe and enjoyable experience. To sure this happens we have a few simple rules to ensure we are all safe.


NOTICE:  Failure to follow any of the following rules could result in your expulsion from the facility without a refund!

  • NO SELLING OF PAINT OR AIR:  Red Leg is a “field paint only” facility, but we do not allow paint or air to be sold on our property!
  • REFEREES RULE:  Red Leg judges have the final word in ALL calls.  Please respect their decision.
  • EYE PROTECTION:  Goggles must be worn by all persons, players or non-players, for the entire duration you are on the playing field.  Goggles must also be worn at all chronograph ranges.
  • BARREL SLEEVE:  Barrel Sleeves are MANDATORY for every paintball marker!  Barrel Plugs, battle swabs, or any other non-approved device is unacceptable.
  • VELOCITY:  Your paintball marker MUST be set to less than 285 feet-per-second.  You are responsible for measuring the velocity of your own equipment.
  • CHEATING:  Cheating takes the fun and sport out of playing paintball.  Cheating will not be tolerated.
  • MARKERS:  All paintball markers must be in semi automatic modes ONLY.  Cheat modes and full auto modes are prohibited!
  • AVAILABILITY OF FIELDS:  Fields can only be used if a referee is present.
  • ALCOHOL, DRUGS & FIREARMS:  Alcohol, drugs, and other illegal substances are PROHIBITED!  Firearms concealed or otherwise, are not allowed!
  • INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT:  Profanity and inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.  Red Leg Paintball Facility is a public recreational facility, with a family-oriented environment!
  • HAVE FUN:  We are here for you to have fun and enjoy the sport just as we do! The only way to do this is to be safe and that is why we have those previous rules in place.